The Importance Of Home Maintainance


The Importance Of Home Maintainance

Jun 30, 2022

By Marvin

Day To Day


What could possibly go wrong in a day? A lot. One minute everything is grand and dandy and then you’re suddenly dealing with a leaky pipe and then the next minute, disaster. What do we do? We instantly call our neighborhood handyman or whoever was referred to us by family and friends. Nothing wrong with that but the downside is the absence of warranty, no assurance on quality and dependability. We have to remember that even the littlest of things may sometimes need a little bit more of an expertise. What if they say it’s only the leaky pipes that’s wrong but further checking a little ways down the road another problem comes up and there’s a bigger problem with the plumbing system? No one likes extra charges and the never ending hassle. This is where we realize the importance of having our homes maintained and checked. Admittedly, this is the time we go online to search for reliable service providers.


Why is Home Maintenance Important


Owning a place can be exciting and frightening at the same time. It comes with a whole lot more responsibilities than renting one. No landlord comes to your rescue if something breaks down or if something needs changed. It’s all on you— the homeowner. Keeping the home clean, bright, and well maintained is your accountability. Almost everybody on the internet and lifestyle shows talk about how it is imperative to ensure that the place you live in has well-appointed spaces but more importantly is regularly and properly maintained. 


If maintenance is costly, how is it saving you money? Home maintenance and cleaning services keep our homes in tip top shape. In the long run, regular home maintenance keeps your home from losing its value and keeps your appliances running smoothly, making you get your money’s worth. We also get to save on repairs and honestly, those repairs are quite costly too when done wrong and frequently.




Home Care Checklist


Here are some home tips to guide you on how frequent should your general upkeep be done and what to do.




  1. Inspect, and possibly clean aircon filters.  If the filter is dirty, clean it; if not, inspect it again next month. The aircon cleaning service of Home Kings is made for this. Have our trusty manongs check yours.
  2. Clean grease  trap box. The grease trap box is the embodiment of out of sight, out of mind saying. Cleaning it is often neglected because it is hidden in our under the sink cabinets and we do not notice it until it starts to either stink or overflow. Good thing that Home Kings offers a grease trap cleaning service and our manongs are pros when it comes to this. 
  3. Clean Range Hood Filters. If this is your first time cleaning your range and don’t know how, Home Kings got you!
  4. Inspect Your Fire Extinguisher(s). This one should be pretty straightforward: ensure your extinguisher is easily accessible; check to see if the pressure on is adequate; make sure there are no visible signs of wear and tear.




  1. Run Water and Flush Toilets in Unused Spaces. This mostly applies to guest bathrooms or any other water sources you don’t use regularly. If you are starting to notice a rancid smell coming from your unused toilets or sinks, that’s because the pipes of your sinks and toilets no longer have water in them which causes the air from the drainage to flow freely. By regularly running water through these systems it will help you prevent grime and remove that nasty smell. 
  2. Check Your Water Softener and Add Salt. You shouldn’t need to add salt every month, but better to check anyway. It should only take you five seconds.




  1. Test Your Water Heater’s Pressure Relief Valve. This will prevent mineral and corrosion buildup, which safeguards against leaks. It will also help your heater run more efficiently. Book a schedule with Home Kings if you don’t know how.
  2. Give Your House a Deep Clean. Designate one weekend every six months. Include appliances, furniture, windows, and those hard-to-get places you usually avoid (like the basement or the crawlspace if your homes have any). Keeping things fresh and not letting dirt/grime/dust build up over years and years will help keep your home in tip-top shape. We understand not everyone has the time but Home Kings’ reliable ates can do the cleaning service for you
  3. Replace Batteries in Smoke/Carbon Dioxide Detectors.  Change them out every six months. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Vacuum Your Refrigerator Coils. The fridge can use up to 15 percent of your home’s total power, so you want it running as efficiently as possible. You can save a lot in a year, depending on the model, by keeping your coils clean, and it’s not at all a difficult task for our manongs.


The list seem to go on and on, right? Not everyone has the time nor the patience to go through it and then actually do it. Some might just take a look at it then ignore because it seemed never-ending. We admit that we need help with all the nitty gritty stuff in the household so we can focus things that are important to us. 


Where To Go?

We scour the internet looking for providers ranging from aircondition cleaning to aircondition repair to plumbing to handymen-- basically for just about anything. It is most likely we come across Home Kings. But with so many providers out there, why choose Home Kings as your go-to all-around “manongs and ates”?

Home Kings offers a free assessment on home improvements. Their approach to maintaining a home is a very systematic one that they are able to detect developing failures, among other things, before they occur or develop into major defects that may lead to an even more costly replacement and/or repair. Booking and consultations with them is also a breeze.

Who are Home Kings?

Home Kings is composed of a highly-skilled team that offers a wide array of services that provides a worry-free home maintenance to fit your needs and preferences -- from simple handyman jobs to major home development projects that are complete, reliable, safe, secure and most of all, value for money. They offer more than just home cleaning services.



A Brief History of Home Kings


Brainchild of the family that brought us SosaJB Property Management Corp (SPMC), Home Kings was launched in January 2017. Since Filipinos in general are dependent on relying on the neighborhood handyman or repairman, the family toyed with the idea of launching a service that would make life easier and more economical for the household. That’s when Home Kings came into fruition. Its primary goal is to give a professional touch to home maintenance to the Filipino people and allow clients to focus more on what truly matters to them. To date, Home Kings remains to be the only comprehensive and professional home-service group in the country.


Why We Like Home Kings


We could go on and on with all the reasons but these tops the list of “whys”.


  1. They offer free assessment on home improvements. Some will make you pay even just for the assessment alone but not Home Kings.
  2. You can enroll your living spaces to their worry-free programs
    1. Home Protect – lessens your worries and emergency repair calls. Their professional staff takes care in maintaining the home and prevent unnecessary problems that come with home care. This stretches the life and increases the value of your home
    2. Condo Protect – A living space, regardless of its size, is not always easy to maintain. People living in condo units are generally busy people and don’t have much time on their hands. By enrolling in Condo Protect, you saved yourself the hassle of squeezing in time to clean or have something organized, or repaired, in the condo. Home Kings takes care of it for you.
  3. Home Kings has an efficient Operations Team that ensures project is delivered as planned. More importantly, they guide clients every step of the way
  4. In their pool is a highly skilled Technical Team committed to delivering safe, secure, and quality home maintenance services
  5. They have a wide array of services you can choose from. Nothing too little or to big for them. Whatever you need, they’ve got it
  6. There’s the assurance in quality and dependability of their manongs and ate. Knowing full well that the service has been done well puts your mind at ease and lets you sleep easy at night.
  7. They go over and beyond what was asked. A thorough check up will be done when you report a problem. Example, you book them for an aircon cleaning service. They don’t just clean your aircon. They also do a temperature check and clean up after themselves! Not everyone does that.
  8. Most importantly, services are backed by warranty


Not bad, right? No other home cleaning and service provider will give you all that was mentioned. All in all you get your money’s worth and a whole lot more.


Services Offered


Home Kings is more than just your average cleaning service and repair service provider. They also offer the following:


1. Air-condition Maintenance

2. Home Cleaning

3. Plumbing

4. Sanitary Maintenance

5. Electrical System Maintenance

6. Handyman Service


Additional services are also provided such as


7. Carpet, furniture or mattress shampoo

8. Home carpentry works

9. Design and renovation service

10. Pest (cockroach, mosquito and rats) control

11. Termite control

12. Free assessment of home improvements

13. Move-in cleaning service


Should you decide to flip your home, Home Kings also offer design and renovation services. They literally are a one stop shop for your home and home care needs. What you need, they provide. And they deliver in the best way possible to save you from future headaches.


Home Kings. Your partner to a well-maintained home, empowering your well-being


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